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Windows XP IP Utilities

The following are the IP utilities available in Windows that help in finding out the information about IP Hosts and domains.These are the basic IP Hacking Commands that everyone must know!

NOTE: The term Host used in this article can also be assumed as aWebsite for simple understanding purpose.


PING is a simple application (command) used to determine whether a host is online and available.PING command sends one or more ICMP Echo messages to a specified host requesting a reply.The receiver (Target Host) responds to this ICMP Echo message and returns it back to the sender.This confirms that the Host is online and available.Otherwise the host is said to be unavailable.


Telnet command is used to connect to a desired host on a specified port number.For example
C:>telnet 25

NOTE: The default port number is 23.When the port number is not specified the default number is assumed.
Telnet Hacking is explained in detail in the following post.
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Many times we think about finding out the IP address of a given site.Say for example,, etc.But how to do this? For this there are some websites that can be used to find out the IP address of a given site.But in Windows we have an inbuilt tool to do this job for us.It is nslookup.Yes this tool can be used for resolving a given domain name into it’s IP address (determine the IP of a given site name).Not only this it can also be used for reverse IP lookup.That is if the IP address is given it determines the corresponding domain name for that IP address.



The netstat command can be used to display the current TCP/IP network connections.For example the following netstat command displays all connections and their corresponding listening port numbers.

Eg: C:>netstat -a

This command can be used to determine the IP address/Host names of all the applications connected to your computer.If a hacker is connected to your system even the hacker’s IP is displayed.So the netstat command can be used to get an idea of all the active connections to a given system.

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