Monday, November 23, 2009

Virus creator to create torjan virus

This virus creator software is easy to use and is used to create virus trojan which harasses user. In this article, I have explained how to create torjan virus

Virus creator to create virus trojan:

oftware to create virus trojan.

2. Unzip the file using Winzix ( download here) to obtain Virus creator to
create virus

3. Run Virus Creator V.65 on your computer to get something like:

Atomic virus creator

4. Now, Virus creator will ask you for various options listed below:

name of virus
# Save virus to startup
# Save to homedrive
# Save to system32
# Save to desktop
# Disable scheduled tasks
# Create 10 users
# Corrupt system files
# Open 10 command windows
# Start world's most annoying webpages 10 times
# Reset time to midnight
# Memory leak

These options determine effectiveness of your virus. You can choose options preferences as you like and depending on amount of damage you wish the virus should do to victim.

Now, when you have selected preferences, simply press enter and virus creator software will create virus trojan for you.

5. Now, all you have to do is send this created virus to your victim and ask him to run this virus on his computer(Social Engineering). You can use Binder to make this virus undetectable from antivirus and even prevent doubt of victim.

You will require to have Winzix to download Virus creator software. Free Download Winzix here. Remember to install.
Thus, you now know how to create virus trojan using Virus creator software. Remember to bind this virus with Binder. I have tried to keep this virus creator tutorial simple. If you have any problem in usingvirus creator to create virus,please mention it in comments.

Enjoy Virus creator software to create virus...

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Anonymous said...

What is the difference between a binder and a crypter

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