Monday, November 2, 2009

5 Ways to Speed Up PC

Are you fed up with your slow PC? Well you can Speed Up your PC by 3 times. In this post you’ll find some of the most significant ways to speed up your PC. For your convenience, I ’ll split this post into 2 parts.

1. Automatic Ways to Speed Up PC (Using PC Speed Up Softwares)

2. Manual Ways to Speed Up PC
Automatic Ways to Speed Up PC

You can use a PC Optimizer Tool to automatically boost the Speed of your PC without the need to worry about the manual ways of doing it. These tools will automatically find and fix upto 99% of your PC errors by optimizing the Windows registry, cleaning up junk files, removing unwanted items from the start up etc. This can speed up your PC and Internet speed by upto 3 times. Here are some of the best PC Optimizer Programs that I recommend.

1. Perfect Optimizer 2. Registry Easy

Using a PC Optimizer is the easiest way to speed up your PC. This is because, most of the performance tweaks such as Registry Cleanup cannot be done manually.
Manual Ways to Speed Up Your PC

1. Free Up Disk Space to increase the speed of your PC * Remove temporary Internet files. * Empty the Recycle Bin. * Remove Windows temporary files. * Uninstall Programs that you no longer use. 2. Periodically Perform Hard Disk Defragment. This can Speed Up your PC significantly. 3. Clean Up your Registry (Highly Recommended)

Cleaning Up your Windows Registry is very much necessary to speed up your PC. Unfortunately you cannot do this manually. You have to use a Registry Cleaner to do this. Here is the best registry cleaner on the web.

Registry Easy

A complete review of registry cleaners can be found at Registry Cleaner Reviews

4. Clean Up the browser cache to Speed Up your Internet. 5. Install a good Antispyware software

Spywares can really hurt the performance of your PC. So, install a good anti-spyware to protect your PC from spywares and improve the speed of your PC. I recommend the following Antispywares to protect your PC.

1. Spyware Cease 2. Nodware Anti-Spyware Which is the Best Way to Speed Up my PC? (Auto or Manual)
The best way to speed Up your PC is by using a PC Optimizer such as Perfect Optimizer or Registry Easy. This is because, manual ways can only perform 30-40% of the tweaks to improve the speed of your PC, but the most important aspect of the Speed Up process such as Registry clean Up and other advanced performance tweaks can only be done using a PC Optimizer software. So if you are serious about improving the speed of your PC, then you need to use a PC Optimizer.

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