Saturday, December 19, 2009

PRORAT - hacking continued

In my previous article PRORAT - Remote PC access software, i mentioned about how to create PRORAT server for
hacking computer remotely.

Now, after server creation, you have to send server to victim and then install server on victim computer to hack computer remotely. I have explained this next part of hacking computer remotely using PRORAT here in this security article.

PRORAT server

Hacking computer remotely - PRORAT:

1. Once you have created server, send this server to victim and ask him to install on his computer. If you have not read my previous article on PRORAT server creation, go back and then return here. You can bind server to say any pic or song using binder software , so that victim does not know of server installation.

2. When server is installed on victim computer, the only thing you should know is victim IP address, which you can know by various methods. I have written an article on How to Find IP Address... just read it to obtain victim IP.

3. When you know victim IP address, half part of hacking computer remotely is completed. Open Prorat on your computer and enter the victim computer IP address in text field adjacent to IP.

4. Let port remain the same. Usually this is the port opened by PRORAT server on victim computer.

5. Now hit on Connect and PRORAT will try to establish connection with server on victim computer for hacking computer remotely. Once connection with remote server is established, you can use PRORAT for hacking computer remotely.

6. You can use any of options on left option pane of PRORAT for hacking computer remotely. I will not go in details for this.

That's it. Thus, now you are able to use PRORAT for hacking computer remotely. PRORAT is used since long time to hack computer remotely and is still a working method to hack computer remotely. If you aren't able to
use PRORAT for hack computer remotely,
please mention it in comments.

Enjoy PRORAT for hacking computer remotely...

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Anonymous said...

can u send me prorat undetectable special edition or binder which can bind it undetectable from all anitiviruses.

on my mail address

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