Monday, November 2, 2009

Hacking vd keyloggers

i m going 2 tell about keyloggers.
first theory portion den practical portion vl come.

theory part--->
keylogger is a software by vch u cn know vch buttons get pressed on d computer
suppose dt u r installing a keylogger on ur computer den all d buttons vch vl be pressed on ur computer u cn have der information thru ur keylogger software.
its a very good tool coz u cn install dis in cyber cafe and wenever u vl sit on dt computer in cyber cafe u cn watch all person's login information and all der activities vch de did on dt computer.
good keyloggers r
ardamax keylogger
spytector and a few more.

till d moment ,d keylogger vch i discussed is d keylogger vch cn be installed only on a computer and 4 installing dt u must hav access 2 dt computer.
bt der is andr type of keylogger also.
andr keylogger is "remote type keylogger"
see,d keylogger about vch i discussed previously dt keylogger needs 2 be installed by person on dt computer means u must n must hv phusical access 2 dt computer bt suppose dt u want 2 get keystrokes of ur freind who is in andr state den?
in dt case u need 2 use"remote type keylogger"
in dis type of keylogger
we just make a server file.
infact in dis type of keyloggers,der is a main setup file ,
4m dt main setup file u make a remote file vch is known as server file and den u send dis remote/server file 2 ur freind or any person and if he double click on dt server file den all d buttons vch he will press,de strokes information vl come on ur email id.

nw its d time 2 do practical.
let's start.
download ardamax keylogger.

nw u cn install dis on ur computer and can know vch buttons r getting pressed .
nw i m going 2 tell u hw 2 make a server file.
step 1-->download ardamax keylogger 4m here.

nw install dis.
after installing ,look at ur right side tray icons.
u vl see der a new white colour icon.
dt is ardamax.
nw right click on dt icon.
and choose"enter registration key"
nw it vl ask registration no and registration key.
registration name is
and registration serial is

nw ur ardamax is fully registered.

STEP [2]---->go at dt white clrd tray icon
right click and choose
remote installation
press next for 4 times
nw it vl ask "check 4 updates"
disable dt
i mean uncheck dt
nw do next
nw give d sel distruction date
give it next 2 month or 3 month or any time
nw do next
nw it vl ask
send logs every
give der
send logs every 5 minutes
deleivery methode
and dont disturb vd odr options.
nw do next
send to
give here
ur own email id
send from
give her
ur own email id again
smtp host-->press find

user name
give any user name
give any password
nw do next
nw do 4 times next
and u vl get a massage saying
deplosive package made successfully
and ur
named file vl be appear 2 u
nw u hv 2 send dis file 2 ur victim and wen he vl double click ,his all keystrokes vl come on ur mail id.
mind it,dese email contain details of his all keystrokkes and most often dese email comes in d spam/junk box
der4 check dem ur spam/junk box also.
have fun.

see,der r many more keyloggers bt only few of dem gratns u such facility 2 create a server file like u made in ardamax.
i think most of u r familiar vd dis ardamax keylogger bt d problem vd ardamax keylogger is
wen u send d server file 2 ur freind den wen he double click on dt server file den d warning masage come
"it vl install ardamax keylogger monitoring tool on ur computer"
and wen victim press ok den his keystrokes come 2 u
many ppl wants 2 change dis warning line.

here is d most ultimate keylogger "spytector"
u cn chnage even d warning line in dis keylogger,.
its main setup file is detectable 4m antiviruses bt d server file vch u create vd dis spytector,dt is undetectable 4m nearly all antiviruses.
dealing vd it is same as dealing vd ardamax.
go on all options and make a server file and send 2 d victim.

have fun guys.

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