Thursday, November 5, 2009


Airtelguru has developed cool browser to hack airtel gprs to get free airtel gprs. So, I have written this article to inform you about airtel free GPRS trick/hack.

Hack Airtel Free GPRS

Air tel free GPRS hack:

Download HERE Airtel free GPRS browser to hack airtel GPRS.

2. Unzip this file using
Winzix (free download here) to obtain Airtel free GPRS software.

3. Now, install this browser in your
mobile. This Airtel free GPRS browser is same as Opera Mini browser, but this browser is modified to use proxy server to get Airtel free GPRS.

4. After installation, press Accept and OK sequentially and get
Mobile Officesettings from Airtel. Start airtel free GPRS browser using Mobile Office as Internet access profile and you will start using Airtel free GPRS. Thus, we are able to hack Airtel to get free Airtel GPRS.

Note: In some cases, you're charged 30 paise after exiting from browser. You can surf as many sites as you can and then after exiting, you'll be charged only 30 paise for that session. So, if you don't wanna lose any money, simple logic is to not to exit from Airtel free GPRS browser. Just keep it minimized and running in background.
Also, you can avoid 30 paise cutting by maintaining balance below 30 paise.

You will require to have Winzix to get Airtel free GPRS Browser software. Download Winzix here.
So friends, this Airtel hack to get
free Airtel gprs will surely work for you. I havepersonally tried this out in Maharashtra and found it working to get Airtel free gprs. If you find this working, please mention "Your State" in comments so that other Airtel subscribers of your state may also be benefitted. If you have any problem in using this trick tohack Airtel for Airtel free gprs,please mention it in comments.

Enjoy n hack Airtel for Airtel free GPRS...

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